Lisp/Scheme Links

Here are some Lisp and Scheme links.

Here are some links to Scheme implementations and tutorials.


Tutorials and other pages:

Note to members of all standardization committees: Make your specs available as HTML; I don’t want to read a PDF online and I have no desire to “transform” LaTEX. I once had a not-very-fun job transforming LaTEX. I didn’t like it when I got paid to do it, so I am not doing it now.

Common Lisp:

The Common Lisp Hyperspec:


  • Armed Bear –
  • CLISP –
  • Clozure –
  • Steel Bank –
  • Portacle

I have not looked at his videos, but there is a guy on YouTube named “Baggers” who makes videos on Common Lisp. He has a few playlists: One called “Little Bits of Lisp” with random stuff about Common Lisp, and one called “Pushing Pixels With Lisp“, which I think is about GPU and making a game with Common Lisp. Viewing these are on my ever-growing to-do list.


You’re welcome.

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