Some Emacs Shortcuts

I don’t like memorizing a whole lot of emacs keyboard short cuts. I use smex mode, which allows me to type M-x and then the function name. I prefer that for the new commands that I learn. I will still use C-d to delete a character; doing M-x delete-char is pretty silly.

Here is a list of the functions that I use.

Smex mode keyboard function name
?? CIDER C-c M-n cider-repl-set-ns
?? CIDER ?? cider-repl-jack-in
?? default M-g M-g goto-line
?? default C-g keyboard-quit (If you pressed a command by mistake,
this will undo it)
?? default Esc-shift-5 query-replace
?? default C-x C-c save-buffers-kill-emacs
?? any ?? toggle-truncate-lines

You can find these by typing M-x describe-key and then doing the key sequence.

Someone at the University of Houston has an excellent page with common emacs functions and their key bindings. I made a copy (with a few additions) on my site.

You’re welcome.