Emacs Key Combinations

Taken from a page by Bernhard G. Bodmann at the University of Houston, with a few additions of my own.

Note that C-x means Control-X while M-x means Meta-X where meta may mean hitting and releasing the escape key, or alt. These keys are excerpted from the Unix in a Nutshell book. The first column has their default key binding; the second their function name; last is a short description.

  1. File Handling Commands
  2. Cursor Movement Commands

    Some cheat sheets have “M-v” to scroll up. That has never worked for me. I use “Esc-v” to scroll up.

  3. Deletion Commands
  4. Paragraphs and Regions
  5. Stopping and Undoing Commands
  6. Transposition Commands
  7. Capitalization Commands
  8. Incremental Search Commands
  9. Word Abbreviation Commands
  10. Buffer Manipulation Commands
  11. Window Commands
  12. Special Shell Characters
  13. Indentation Commands
  14. Centering Commands
  15. Macro Commands
  16. Detail Information Help Commands

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