A Look at cond Function

Here is a look at the “cond” function in Clojure. It’s like “if”, but with more conditions.


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loop, recur and comp

Here is some code for a few functions that are mentioned in Chapter Five of Clojure For The Brave And True, along with a few modifications/experiments that I did.


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(not) and its (complement)

Here is a quick look at the Clojure functions (not) and (complement):



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More Collection Functions

I am going through Clojure For The Brave and True, and I have included some of the functions that I encounter while reading the book.


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Some Work With Collections

Here are some functions used for working with collections (vectors, maps, sets). I did not include too much with lists, since I think a lot of Clojure people prefer vectors.


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Some vector functions

Here are a couple of vector functions.

When you use “map” on a vector, you get a list back.

It acts like a list (because for lists “conj” adds at the front; for vectors it adds at the end).

Calling “vector” on it gives you a vector with a list inside it.

So call “vec” on the result to make it a vector.

“vector” can take elements directly.

“vec” must take a collection.

Same with “set”.

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Some Functions With Maps

Here are some functions with maps.


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Some Basic Logic In Clojure

Today we will look at some of the basic logic functions in the Clojure API.

There is a library for logic programming called core.logic, which you can look at here. I think that one gets into some hardcore Prolog-like stuff.


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More Clojure Math Functions

Here are some more Clojure math functions.


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Clojure rand functions

Here are some examples of Clojure random functions.


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