RailsPress is a beast

I am having second thoughts about RailsPress. WordPress is a bigger beast than I thought. Maybe it would seem easy if I were a PHP guy. There are a lot of functions that call the “apply_filters” function. I spent some time last night looking for the “check_passwords” filter. But I don’t think that filter exists. […]

RailsPress 2013-01-30 Update

I attended OpenHack Austin tonight, working on RailsPress. I decided to cheat by logging SQL statements. You can turn the logging on and off in the db and check it like this:

It will write the logs to /var/log/mysql/mysql.log It is a bit cumbersome. So far I am trying one thing at a time. […]

Update On RailsPress

I started a project to migrate WordPress to Rails. I called it RailsPress. I installed WordPress on my laptop and made a couple of posts. I found a gem called rmre that can reverse engineer a database and produce ActiveRecord classes and a schema.rb file. I made a separate gemset with RVM, but it still […]

2013-03-30 Tweets

Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux http://t.co/ZiuZPkD7Sv 17:28:29, 2013-03-24 @kenkousen There’s a Groovy/Grails group in Austin, TX. Your site sez you’ll be in TX in May. If schedules align, r u interested in spking? 17:32:12, 2013-03-24 @kenkousen I sent an email to the address on your […]

2013-03-23 Tweets

@baselogic Thanks for the follow. Do you work with other JVM langs, like Groovy or Clojure? 23:55:48, 2013-03-17 @Progrmlanguages Thanks for the follow 23:56:10, 2013-03-17 2013-03-18 update http://t.co/AGGyFfGG5J 00:05:38, 2013-03-18 @Lylaxtiu Thanks for the follow 21:50:40, 2013-03-18 Some URLs for a few #Maven Repositories http://t.co/6YZmLHgL8Y 21:52:26, 2013-03-18 Is there a #Maven command to list all […]