Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

  • @JEG2 Thanks for the follow #
  • @hanen105 Nice to see you are tweeting more than just URLs these days – Are you still in Paris? #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Added a new branch, figuring out mongoid #
  • @hanen105 Better. I left Chicago, IL, USA for a new job in Austin, TX, USA, and moved from Java to Ruby #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Made a test runner class and updated README #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Put some fields into stock.rb #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Changed extension of README #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Changed some variable names in spreadsheet_test #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Got some stuff into Mongo #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Parsed Spreadsheet::Formula and Date #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Reduced line count by 2. Who’s the man??? #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – Added another environment #
  • @tomordonez So far okay – looking forward to @AustinRb meetup on Wed #
  • @robmack Nice meeting you tonight – looking forward to Wed #
  • @hanen105 It will be a while until I have enough money to travel that far. You have been to 3 continents. You might come here b4 I get there #
  • Nice to finally meet you, @STLStude #
  • [dividend_champions] Eric MacAdie – changing for 2008-01 #

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