Installing Apache James

I have been running Apache James on this site for a while. I will now list the steps I went through to install James and get it running. A lot of this information mirrors what is on the Quick Start Guide at the Apache James Wiki. I am running Apache James on an Ubuntu Linux machine.

Download the latest tar file from the Apache site, and upload it onto the machine that will be running James.

Make sure your firewall allows the email ports.
Extract the tar file.
Go to the $JAMES_HOME/bin directory.

You may have to change permissions on a few of the shell scripts to get James to run.

At this point, you can run $JAMES_HOME/bin/, or $JAMES_HOME/bin/
Running $JAMES_HOME/bin/ gives this:

So run

Let it go for a few minutes.
Then run

Running the file started the Avalon/Phoenix server, and expanded the James app which was in the file $JAMES_HOME/apps/james.sar. (I guess SAR files are another type of archive, unique to Avalon, similar to JAR , EAR and WAR files.) Now there is a new file tree in $JAMES_HOME/apps/james. Here is the James file tree before running James. Here is the James file tree after running James.

After this, you must make some changes to the default James configuration file that was generated in $JAMES_HOME/apps/james/SAR-INF/config.xml. I will cover this in a future post.

2009-02-15 23:56:47 Sunday CST -0600

Image from Codex Aureus, an eighth-century Southumbrian manuscript housed in the National Library of Sweden. Image from World Document Library, assumed allowed under Fair Use.