Java Web Frameworks

We have had a couple of interesting presentations at CJUG in the past few months.

In July we had a presentation on Play, which seems to be getting some traction.

In August, we had Igor Polevoy from Productive Edge talk about is new framework ActiveWeb. Like Play, Rails and Grails, it is full-stack. Last year he gave a presentation on ActiveJDBC, an ORM framework he started based on ActiveRecord. The mailing list gets a few dozen posts a week, so it looks like there is an active community of users and developers for it. He said that his company has been using ActiveWeb for a few clients, including a couple of Fortune 500 firms.

First off, it is nice to see that there are some Java projects coming out of Chicago. It is also nice to see that there are some Java web frameworks that are striving for the ease of use and completeness of Rails and Grails.

Image from CJUG website, assumed allowed under Fair Use.