January 18th Meeting – What’s new in Java EE6

Java EE6 – What’s New, What’s Cool…What Matters?

I would like to keep this session highly interactive – starting with a fundamental question: ‘Do EE standards matter to us that much any more or are we more interested in what makes our jobs easier?’

From there we will look at what is new in EE6 and how it helps us as developers write not only better applications, but also more maintainable code as well as (hopefully) increase developer productivity. In particular we will consider the following topics:

  • Servlet 3.0
  • JPA 2.0
  • JSF2
  • Validators
  • EJB3.1 (yes, I know we are still scarred from EJB2 – trust me this is substantially better)
  • CDI
  • RESTful services

We will cover all of the above topics with at least an overview, and vote in the group which ones to dive deeper into with code, etc.

Presenter Background

Joel Tosi is a Senior Solutions Architect with JBoss. His previous experiences span roles across development and architecture as well as a stint (brief) in management. Joel has also served roles as an Agile Coach and trainer (including XP). His interests span across multiple development languages on the pure technology side to learning how to create great products from a purely delivery aspect.

Outside of JBoss, Joel is currently working to bring the Simple Design and Testing Conference to Chicago in 2011.

Time: 6:00
Place: CME
20 South Wacker Drive
ULL-A Auditorium
Chicago IL, 60606

You can RSVP at Chicago-based gathers.us
CME Employees: Please RSVP by contacting Joshua Bennett

His presentation can be found here.